Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Dr. William Neff, DDS Specializes in Non-Invasive Tooth Extractions

Whether a tooth needs to be removed due to significant decay, or you’ll be having a wisdom tooth extraction, anxiety is understandable. Generally, tooth extractions are simple procedures that take only a few minutes. Golden Triangle Dentistry provides non-invasive tooth extraction within our Murrieta, CA dental practice. Teeth are gently extracted in-house using a non-surgical approach, which results in minimal swelling and quick healing times.

Dr. William Neff, DDS may advise a tooth be extracted if it’s altering the position of surrounding healthy teeth. Examples of potentially harmful teeth are a broken tooth, significant tooth decay, or patients with advanced periodontal disease or “gum disease.”

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The most common tooth extractions are wisdom teeth. Early evaluation in the mid-teenage years is recommended. Dental x-rays evaluate the position of wisdom teeth and predict if they are a present or future problem. Modern diagnostic equipment is combined with expert techniques and personable staff to examine oral development at Golden Triangle Dentistry in Murrieta, CA.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The last set of permanent teeth to erupt in a person’s mouth is wisdom teeth or “third molars.” They are unnecessary and may jeopardize a patient’s dental health when:

  • The wisdom teeth do not fully erupt or are in an abnormal position. This may damage your bite by crowding the roots of other teeth, forcing them out of alignment.
  • A patient’s jaw is too small to accommodate wisdom teeth. Resulting in jaw and gum discomfort and swelling, posing a greater risk of a patient developing periodontal disease.

Pain-Free Tooth Extraction

Our compassionate staff will thoroughly explain the dental procedure and are happy to answer any questions you may have. For a pain-free extraction, local anesthesia is always used to numb the tooth, surrounding gums, and jawbone. To ease anxiety Nitrous Oxide or “laughing gas” is also available.

Wisdom teeth and tooth extraction services at Golden Triangle Dentistry are provided in a safe and comfortable environment. If you think tooth extractions may be in you or your teenager’s future, do not waste time guessing, schedule an appointment at our Murrieta dental practice today!

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