Our Murrieta Dental Office is dedicated to providing the safest dental experience.

Our Office Protocol (Current)

Before Your Appointment

  • Please come to your appointments alone, if possible, to allow for social distancing in the waiting area.
  • Children should be accompanied by ONE adult and no other non-appointment holding siblings when possible.

At Your Appointment

  • The State of California requires all patients and personnel in medical offices to wear a mask.  Please wear a mask at all times when in the office until you are in the chair and asked to remove it.
  • All staff will be in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Our team autoclaves (sanitizes) instruments between every patient.
  • We use a combination of bactericidal, medical-grade cleaning solution and disposable coverings on all surfaces.

Please call our office if you start showing any symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of your appointment.

Golden Triangle Dentistry is here to make sure your next visit is as safe as possible.

Dr. William Neff Getting His First COVID-19 Vaccine

(February 2021)

Our latest COVID update: Dr. Neff and many of the Golden Triangle Dentistry team are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19!

Also, another reason to keep dental hygiene a part of your practice: Medical XPress is reporting that people with gum disease are almost 9 times more likely to die from COVID-19. If regular, ongoing dental care is not part of your lifestyle please give us a call. The staff at Golden Triangle Dentistry is dedicated to making consistent oral healthcare a top priority for all of our patients and can talk through simple ways where you can get back on track with preventative, bi-annual cleanings, and more. For more information read Dr. Neff’s latest blog post here!

(January 2021)

Starting mid-month, some of our dental team members began the process of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. While all of our additional safety protocols, in effect since last May, have kept all of our team members and patients safe, we are beyond excited to offer this additional layer of protection. We look forward to welcoming back those who may have been a bit more hesitant to visit us over the last 9 months.

(December 2020)

Golden Triangle Dentistry has always followed the most rigorous infection control protocols. Since our re-opening in May we have implemented all necessary dental guidelines outlined by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We look forward to continuing to care for you and your family throughout The State of California’s and Riverside County’s recent stay-at-home order, offering our full list of services including general, family, cosmetic, and emergency dental care.

We have always used extreme caution relating to infection control standards and our additional efforts are providing to be both comforting and effective. Therefore, we are permitted to operate even during heightened local restrictions

Call us soon to book your next visit. We look forward to seeing you.