Have You Instilled Good Oral Hygiene With Your Kids?

When it comes to your kid’s dental health, one of the most invaluable duties as a parent is the early encouragement of an effective dental routine and beneficial lifetime habit. Parents play a major critical role in helping to make their kids realize that regular brushing, regular flossing, and regular dental visits can have a healthy impact on their overall health. The task is not as daunting as it appears and easier than you may have expected by following a few fundamental guidelines.

  • Effective brushing and flossing. This must be an essential part of every child’s daily oral regimen to eliminate bacteria contributing to plaque buildup. Bacteria begin to eat away at the tooth enamel when plaque is present and cavities are inclined to result. Immediately when your child’s first tooth emerges, cleaning the tooth daily should begin. Equally important is flossing as it helps remove food particles that may be unreachable with a toothbrush. As your child grows, a dentist can recommend the most effective dental plan at each development period.
  • Fluoride treatments. There are proven advantages of fluoride for maintaining good oral hygiene. Fluoridated water supply may be available in your area. If it is not available, a dentist can help you determine the most effective and safe ways to introduce a fluoride supplement as another tool of cavity prevention.
  • Dental sealants. An effective cavity-fighting dental application is dental sealants. It is a highly effective solution to help in the prevention of tooth decay. Directly applied to the back molars, it is a thin coating of material applied over the miniscule grooves and various ridges helping prevent the possible invasion of bacteria.

You as a responsible parent can instill good oral care habits by simply ensuring your young child visit a dentist immediately when their primary teeth emerge in addition to practicing good oral hygiene as a way of life. The favorable impact of this parental commitment will invariably be apparent well into their adult life.

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